What’s your impression of graphic designers


September 25, 2015


It’s probably not a good one.

I bet you’ve heard it all before. We don’t fulfill orders fast enough. We don’t get back to you quick enough when you send an email. We don’t work with people very well.

Yup. Heard all that before.

Unfortunately, it’s not all true for all graphic designers.

I happen to think that I’m very good at my job, and I’m very good with customers.

But that’s just my own perception.

I know sometimes it’s not reality, but I need to make sure that I have enough work coming in the door to keep the lights on, buy the high potency computer that I have to create all of your special little graphics that you want.

That’s my reality. Living is not cheap. And I get my work done.

Since I’ve started in this business, I’ve had too many things happen to not force me to change a little bit.

Change is a good thing, and I’ve done a lot of it since I graduated college from the Art Institute a couple years ago.

As a fresh faced college kid starting his own business because I didn’t want to work for the man, I started off making only enough money to eat PB&J’s for basically all three meals every day.

I would starve myself so that I could live my dream of owning my business. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, whether that meant that I did that part time, or full time.

I later found out that if you’re an entreprenuer, that’s your full time job, and you can’t really do anything else. If you’re trying to become an entrepreneur, you’re actually a ‘wantrepeneur’.

My buddy Joel gave me that name when I came out of college, so in a way this whole venture of running a graphic design business was my way of telling him to shove it.

I’ve never had any employees. It’s not my style. I really just want to work for myself and by myself so I don’t have to pay anyone.

I know that won’t turn into a massive business down the road, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

At my true heart, I’m a minimalist, and I don’t need much.

I simply need a bed to sleep in, a computer by my side, a few bucks in my pocket, and a TV to watch at night.

I don’t have a girlfriend. Don’t really want one at this time. I’m 23. I like to hang out, have fun with my few friends who are mostly gamers, and get online and game with them when I’m not working.… Read More

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