My clients


October 7, 2015


My clients often think that I only work for them. I’m sure you have come across them in your line of work, whether you are an employee reporting to someone else, or you work for yourself. They expect you to answer every time they call you, get back to you within 10 minutes when they ask you to do something, and everything, I mean EVERYTHING is urgent. If you’ve ever had a job, you know this type of person. I like to label these people as the ‘Need it Now’ peeps. Whatever you do for a living, you absolutely know these people. They send you emails at 2 in the morning saying they need something at 9 am, not realizing that time is 7 hours away. They call you at Ten saying they need something by 12. You know the drill.

I have one of these clients in my life right now, and it’s almost time for that little conversation with them saying ‘I have many clients, and you don’t pay me enough to get the kind of specialized service you want’, but phrased a bit nicer.

Sometimes, I don’t think I have the patience for these clients, but I don’t want to lose the paycheck. Well, at least not yet.… Read More

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